1. Improve city infrastructure

Proactively invest in our city sidewalks, streets, and limb maintenance and work on surface treatment and road surfacing that is designed for long-term use and not to be retreated in a few years.

2. Attract and retain businesses that honor the spirit of our community

The Johnson Drive downtown corridor of the city is unique within Johnson County compared to the big-box nature of other cities. Incentivizing activity in this area, like through the Mission Market, is something I want to preserve.

3. Encourage greater participation in city government

I want everyone to feel at home in our town, from the empty nesters to the young professionals. As a Spanish and Portuguese speaker, I am interested in reaching underrepresented members of the community, as well as encouraging more renters to put down permanent roots in our town.

4. Promote sustainability

I have lived everywhere from farm country to major cosmopolitan cities and understand the importance of consensus building based on meeting people where they are. Mission is fortunate to have a dedicated and active Sustainability Commission that works on developing services and making recommendations to Council. I would partner with them as well as seek community input to build upon the progress that previous groups have already made. Some of the tools available in this effort involve improving and promoting the Mission community grant program for residents to create more efficient and sustainable projects in their homes, incentivizing LEED technology on new development, and building on our community pride in our parks and green spaces.

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